I felt like I’ve received Jesus for the first time

My name is Thandokazi. a.k.a. Thando.

I started to hearing about the (Vuku Cell) group I think it was 2017. I met Nokuphumla. I know her, so she is my friend. You can say that.

She invited me to the group. I was like what are you doing there. She was like, “come, cause I can’t explain to you, I don’t know how. You need to come and see it for yourself.”

I said, “No man you are with Chinese. I don’t even understand how you doing things. How do you preach? How do you sing? Ching Chang? I don’t have time for that.”

Every time when she met me.
“You have not decided yet?” “No man leave me alone.”

Last year, I just decided to go because I was bored at home. I had nothing to do. I was not working. Man, I could just spend some of my time there, because it was not a boring thing there. Suppose it was (about) Word of God. I might learn something. Then I went there.

When I went there, Nokuphumla wasn’t there. I just found her mom. Then I was like, ‘Ah you see now. Where are you chines people, now.’ On Whatsapp (I wrote) ‘where are you people, cause. I was there and you weren’t even there. That means this thing is not serious.’

But she (Noluphumla) kept on, she didn’t give up on me. Cause she knew what was going on with me. “You know what? You don’t know anything, just come man.” So I just decided to go.

And I’ve learnt a lot of things. I don’t want to lie. Sometimes, we think we love our kids, but when I got here, I just realised, no I never loved my kids. I have learnt to have that affections that relationship with my kids. That I’ve learnt it here.

I know I’m saved, but now I felt like I’ve received Jesus for the first time, cause I’ve learnt new things. I mean something that is more here. That expressed more is love. If you don’t have Jesus, you can’t have that. So you must first have relationship with God. Then, you will know how to have relationship with other people then you can know how to show love to other people.

Because you know what god is done for you. You experience that love from God. That is what I received here. Its love love love all the way. I am all smiles. Amen.

Even in the church, when I find a verse that says about love, I know exactly what to explain (and) what to show to other people so they could understand what this love is exactly about.

So I am very grateful hoping to grow. I won’t say I’m perfect, I am learning every day and hoping to learn every day.

*It was one of 8 testimonies that Vuku Cell Leaders gave during the Vuku Cell Leaders Retreat in January 2019. She’s been a member since September 2018.

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