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I’m precious to Jesus

By Omphile Modise

All my life, I’ve been comparing my life to others and thinking to myself “How is it fair that someone else’s life is better than mine”. I was comparing the material things in life and I thought once you had those things then one would be happy and content with life. I thought I wasn’t precious to God/Jesus because I didn’t have an amazing earthly life. I soon realized that those things don’t equal peace or happiness. God views us all equal, as children of God. Just because one person has a “better” earthly life doesn’t mean that God favours them more. We are all the same in Jesus. We shouldn’t compare material/earthly lives because ultimately we are called to live in the spirit.

After starting Vuku meetings and experiencing the love of Jesus with my friends I realised that my worth is found only in Jesus’ love. I can only find true peace and happiness in Jesus. I now fully know that I am precious to Jesus because I feel his love all the time.

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